Silco Anti Roest Plamuur

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  • V Inhoud 1.8 kg. plus verharder
  • V Geeft een uitstekende bescherming tegen corrosie
  • V Uitstekend schuurbaar
  • V Om grote oneffenheden op te vullen of als fijne plamuur
  • V Toepasbaar voor ingelast plaatwerk
  • V Niet poreus glad oppervlak
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Silco Anti Roest Plamuur 1.8 kg

Silco Anti Roest Plamuur. Polyesterplamuur 6020 B2 Antiroest wordt gekenmerkt door een hoge corrosieweerstand en kan worden gebruikt om grote oneffenheden op te vullen of als fijne plamuur. Het maakt directe applicatie op ijzer mogelijk, zonder de noodzaak om vooraf andere anticorrosieve coatings aan te brengen. Bijvoorbeeld  Epoxy om corrosiebestendigheid te garanderen. Dit vergemakkelijkt het werk van b.v. bij het repareren van antiek of andere onderdelen. Waarbij een adequate corrosiebescherming moet worden geboden.

De rode oxidekleur zorgt ook voor een beter kleurcontrast. Dit tussen het geschuurde en ongepolijste deel. Sneldrogend en gemakkelijk te schuren (P80-P120-P180) maken deze plamuur uiterst nuttig. Hechting op diverse ondergronden (ijzer, verzinkt plaatstaal, aluminium, polyesterlaminaten, oude coatings.

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Technische Gegevens


Technical Data Sheet
6020 B2 Anti-Rust Putty
Corrosion protective polyester putty



6020 B2 Anti-Rust putty can be used as a filling or finishing putty with high anti-corrosion properties. It
allows application direct to steel ensuring a good corrosion resistance on steel surfaces, therefore
common practice of applying anti-corrosive primers (like epoxy) on steel before applying a putty is not
needed anymore. This advantage is very handy for restoring classic cars or for other jobs that require
high corrosion protection. Red oxide colour also enables better surface assessment after sanding due to
colour contrast between sanded and unsanded putty. Short drying time and easy sandability (beginning
P120-P180) also make this product very usefull.

Features & Benefits

– high anti-corrosion properties,
– application directly on steel without other anti-corrosion primers,
– better surface assessment after sanding due to colour contrast,
– excellent sanding,
– no clogging of sanding paper after 20 minutes from application,
– can be used as a filling or finishing putty,
– adhesion to various substrates (steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, polyester laminates, old paint…),
– non-porous, smooth surface,
– specific weight 1,8 kg/L.

Substrate preparation

Surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry, rust-free and grease-free. Optimal adhesion can be achieved
on well abraded surface. For aluminium and galvanized steel, use matting pad and matting paste to
improve adhesion.

Application data

Mixing ratio
6020 B2 Anti- Rust 100 (by weight)
6065 Putty hardener 2 – 3 % (do not overdose)
Mix the putty and hardener thoroughly until the colour is even.
Do not overdose! Excessive quantity of hardener can cause colour change on the topcoat.

Usage temperature min 10 °C/50 °F


Technical Data Sheet
6020 B2 Anti-Rust Putty
Corrosion protective polyester putty

Ready to sand (20 °C/68 °F)
Pot life (20 °C/68 °F)
20 min
3 – 4 min
It is not recommended to used IR or any other high temperature drying equipment if the temperature control is
not possible, while the maximum temperature for drying of the putty is 45°C/113°F.
Only dry sanding
P150 – 180 (small repairs, lower thickness of putty)
P120 (higher thickness of putty)

Complementary products

6065 Putty hardener
Prod. Nr. Description Volume Packaging Box
6020-1 Red 1 L 6
Hardener included in the packaging.


VOC 2004/42/IIB(c) (250) <120

Shelf life

Min. 12 months from the production date under normal storage conditions and unopened can.

Additional Information

Always read the instructions.

IMPORTANT: This product contains hazardous substances at work so it is necessary to always use/wear appropriate
protective equipment. For further instructions, check the label on the product and safety data sheet. A person who
uses the product for any purpose other than recommended in this technical data sheet, acts at his own risk. It is
the user’s responsibility to take all necessary steps to fulfil the local legislation.
Materials described are designed for application by professional, trained personnel using proper equipment and
are not intended for sale to the general public.
Information and methods described are based on the best information and practices known to us and serve merely
as guidelines for optimal use, without liability to performance, results or fitness for any intended use. We do not
accept any responsibility for the behaviour of the product or damage arising from the use of the product. Before
using the product, the user must check if this is the latest version.






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